Dr. Ishan Singh Senior Consultant


BDS, MDS (Public Health Dentistry)

8+ years of experience

Doctor Bio

  • Single Sitting RCT Specialist, Full Mouth Rehabilitation Specialist

Dr. Ishan Singh is one of the best and highly trusted doctors in Greater Noida,Uttar-Pradesh. He has numerous successful treatment cases registered in his name. Patients are very happy with the cost effective treatment provided by him. Dr. Ishan Singh can be easily contacted at his hospital.

Diseases Treated:

Aphthous StomatitisAphthous UlcersAvulsed ToothBruxismBurning Mouth SyndromeCheilitis GlandularisCheilitis GranulomatosaChemotherapy-induced Oral MucositisCleft LipContact StomatitisDental AbscessDental TraumaDenture StomatitisDisplaced ToothEosinophilic UlcerEpulis FissuratumFissured TongueFractured TeethGeographic TongueGingivitisHairy LeukoplakiaHairy TongueHalitosisMacroglossiaMalignant Tumors Of The Base Of TongueMalignant Tumors Of The Floor Of The MouthMalignant Tumors Of The Mobile TongueMalignant Tumors Of The PalateMucocele And RanulaMucosal CandidiasisNecrotizing SialometaplasiaNicotine StomatitisOral Fibromas And FibromatosesOral Florid PapillomatosisOral Frictional HyperkeratosisOral Granular Cell TumorsOral HemangiomasOral LeukoplakiaOral Lichen PlanusOral LymphangiomasOral Malignant MelanomaOral NeurofibromaOral NeviOral Pyogenic GranulomaOral Submucous FibrosisParotitisPulp PolypSalivary Gland NeoplasmsSmokeless Tobacco LesionsSmoker's MelanosisSubmandibular Sialadenitis/sialadenosisTraumatic Oral Ulcers ... View All


All Ceramic Metal Free CrownAmalgam Restoration / Silver FillingApicoectomyBiopsy Intraoral-BoneBiopsy Intraoral-Soft TissueBleaching Of The TeethBone Graft Of TeethBridge Per Unit For Fix DentureCad/cam (computer-aided Design And Computer-aided Manufacturing) In DentistryCephalometric AnalysisClear AligersComplete / Full Denture- Acrylic BasedComplete / Full Denture-Metal BasedComposite CrownComposite Restoration Of ToothCondylar Fracture Open ReductionCoronoplastyDental Composite LaminatesDental Composite VeeneringDental ImplantDental SealantsDenture Relining / RebasingDiastema ClosureDistant FlapDycal LinerExpansion PlateExtraction Of Impacted ToothFeeding Appliance For Cleft PalateFixed Orthodontc Appliances Poreclin BracketFixed Orthodontic Appliance With Lingual BracketFixed Orthodontic Appliances Metal BracketFixed Orthodontic Appliances Transparent BracketFlap Operation Per QuadrantFlap Surgery Full MouthFluoride Treatment For TeethFunctional Orthodontic AppliancesGingivectomyGlass IonomerGum CurettageHabit Breaking Appliances-FixedHabit Breaking Appliances-RemovableHemi-MandibulectomyImmediate Loading Of Dental ImplantsInlaysInternal Wire Fixation/ Plate Fixation of MandibleInternal Wire Fixation/ Plate Fixation of MaxillaMaxillo-Facial ProsthesisMetal CrownMetal Crown With Acrylic FacingObturator (Maxillo-facial)Occlusal Night Guard (Splint)Open Nerve BlockOral Cyst Excision/ RemovalOral Fistula RepairPalatal Fistula SurgeryPartial MaxillectomyPericoronal Flap SurgeryPeriodontal CurrettagePeriodontal WiringPeriodontia Crown LengtheningPeriodontia GingivoplastyPfm (porcelain Fused Metal)Pin Retained FillingsPoreclin To Metal BridgePost And Core Per Canal In DentalPre-Prosthetic Surgery - Ridge AugmentationPre-Prosthetic Surgery- AlveoloplastyPulpectomyPulpotomyReduction and Immobilization of Fracture of Mandible BoneReduction and Immobilization of Fracture of Maxilla BoneRelease of Fibrous Bands & Grafting -in (OSMF) Oral Submucous FibrosisRemovable Orthodontics Appliance- Per ArchRemovable Partial Denture Distal ExtentionRemovable Partial Denture-Acrylic BasedRemovable Partial Denture-Metal BasedRemoval of Cyst & Tumour Of Maxilla /Mandible By Enucleation/ Excision / MarsupalisationRoot Canal Re-treatmentRoot Canal Treatment (RCT)Root PlaningRoundning Of CuspsScaling & PolishingSegmental-MandibulectomySelective Grinding Of TeethSinus Lift With Bone GraftSocket DressingSpace Maintainers-FixedSplinting TeethSplints/ Circum Mandibular WiringSurgery For TM Joint AnkylosisTemporaray FillingTemporomandibular Joint (tmj) ArthrocentesisTemporomandibular Joint InjectionsTmj Dislocation ReductionTooth JewelleryTotal MaxillectomyTotal MandibulectomyVita 3d Crown ... View All


A 11392 Delhi State Dental Council 2013

A 11392 Delhi State Dental Council 2017

Language Spoken:

English, Hindi

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Dr. Ishan  Singh

Dr. Ishan Singh


8+ years of experience

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Dr. Ishan  Singh

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