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Personal Webpage Services

Get personalised webpage to showcase your academic & professional achievements and share your webpage on social media platforms to gain more patients.

Post News Articles, Videos, Blogs, Banners

Share your talent, recent activities, news articles, educational videos, marketing banners & more to even the most distant villages.

Personalised Appointment Booking Facility

Personalised appointment facility with automatic reminders & telephonic assistance to manage your bookings on the go.

Premium Patient Consultation Chat Service

Online consultation improves access to treatment and care by providing at-home consultation to the patients, even in the remote areas.


Avail our user-friendly feedback services to build trust with your patients by showcasing positive reviews of your services.

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Other Healthcare Marketing Platform
Quality, and details on Webpage

Contact Details, OPD timings, Consultation Fees, Procedures,Diseases treated, Awards, Memberships, Publications.

Well designed Doctor's Webpage

Contact Details, OPD timings, Consultation Fees, Procedures.

Average design Doctor Webpage.

Image and Video Gallery Yes, can share images, videos and also blogs articles, news articles. Yes, but can share only images.
Share Recent Activities like Health checkup camp. Yes No
Online Booking of Appointments


(We charge only 20% of consultation fees* only after the patient who has booked an appointment through ThyDoc has consulted with the doctor)


(Money is charged from doctors by some platforms just when the patient clicks the booking appointment tab, even if no consultation was done with the doctor)

User-friendliness Very easy. Doctors can maintain and manage their webpage themselves Needs assistance of a salesperson to manage the webpage
Patient Consultation online chat service Yes, and it's free(We charge only 20% of consultation fees* only after the patient has consulted online with the doctor through ThyDoc). Provided only by some and its a paid service.
Webpage Pricing Free for 1 year** Rs.18,000-1,00,000/year

*ThyDoc reserves the right, at its discretion, to change, modify, increase, or decrase the precentageof the incentives on consultation fees.

**Offer valid till 15th August 2020.

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Get a Detailed webpage
Share personal webpage on social networking sites (Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.).
Get listed in your locality & city according to your speciality and degree.
Get patient feedback.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of your webpage (Improve ranking on google & other search engines).
Add diseases, procedure, memberships, awards and publications.
Get listed in your locality and city according to diseases and procedures.
Get personalized sections to upload videos, news articles, blogs & achievements.
Update upcoming events (like health camp, blood donation camp, etc).
Get facility of personalised online booking appointment.
Consult patients online with our premium chat service.
For Free ₹0.00 ₹799 per month ₹899 per month
**Offer valid till 15th August 2020