Dr. Amit Goyal Senior Consultant

Senior ENT Surgeon

MBBS, DNB (Ent Surgery), MS (ENT Surgery)

23+ years of experience

Doctor Bio

Dr. Amit Goyal is a renowned and highly trusted personality in the medical fraternity. He is an ENT Surgeon in Basni Industrial Area locality in Jodhpur. He owns rich experience over the years. He does his practice at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) Hospital, Basni Industrial Area, Jodhpur. As far as his qualifications are concerned, he has done his MBBS from JLN Medical College, Ajmer in 1997.  After that, he pursued MS in ENT Surgery from MGM Medical College, Indore in 2002 and DNB in ENT Surgery from the National Board of Examinations, New Delhi in 2003.

He offers some advanced treatments for diseases like Epistaxis, Chronic Cough, Tinnitus, Pharyngitis, Foreign Bodies of the Airway and Acute Otitis Media, etc. Looking at his ever-increasing popularity, one thing is for sure that he is one of the most trusted doctors in Jaipur. He has numerous successful treatment cases registered in his name and patients are very happy with the kind of hospitality displayed at the hospital.

Diseases Treated:

Acoustic NeuromaAcute Ethmoid SinusitisAcute Maxillary SinusitisAcute Otitis MediaAcute SinusitisAcute Sphenoid SinusitisAllergic RhinitisAllergic SinusitisAphthous StomatitisAphthous UlcersAural AtresiaBarosinusitisBenign Paroxysmal Positional VertigoBranchial Cleft CystBuccal CarcinomaCarotid Body TumorsCheilitis GlandularisCheilitis GranulomatosaChoanal AtresiaCholesteatomaChronic Otitis MediaChronic SinusitisCleft LipCleft Nasal DeformityCleft PalateCongenital Malformations Of The LarynxCongenital Malformations Of The NeckCroup (laryngotracheobronchitis)Csf OtorrheaCsf RhinorrheaDiphtheriaEpiglottitisEpistaxisFungal SinusitisGingivitisGlottic CancerGlottic StenosisHearing ImpairmentHypopharyngeal CancerLaryngeal FracturesLaryngeal StenosisLaryngitisLaryngomalaciaLichen PlanusMacroglossiaMalignant Otitis ExternaMalignant Tumors Of The Base Of TongueMalignant Tumors Of The Floor Of The MouthMalignant Tumors Of The Nasal CavityMalignant Tumors Of The PalateMastoiditisMaxillary FracturesMicrostomiaMigraine Associated VertigoNasal Foreign BodiesNasal FractureNasal PolypsNasopharyngeal StenosisNeck CystsNoise-induced Hearing LossOral LeukoplakiaOtalgiaOtitis ExternaOtosclerosisOtotoxicityParotitisPediatric Airway Foreign BodyPediatric SinusitisPeritonsillar AbscessPharyngitisPosttraumatic VertigoPreauricular Cysts, Pits, And FissuresPresbycusisRanulas And Plunging RanulasRetropharyngeal AbscessRetropharyngeal HematomaRhabdomyosarcomaSalivary Gland NeoplasmsSensorineural Hearing LossSeptal PerforationSkull Base TumorsSkull Base, Petrous Apex, InfectionSudden Hearing LossSulcus VocalisSupraglottic CancerTemporal Bone FracturesThyroid CancerTinnitusTonsillitisVocal Cord DysfunctionVocal Fold CystsVocal Fold ParalysisVocal Polyps And Nodules ... View All


AdenoidectomyAngiofibroma ExcisionAspiration Of Parotid AbscessBenign Tumour ExcisionsCommando OperationCranio-facial Resection Of TumorsDirect Laryngoscopy For Biopsy Under General AnaesthesiaEar Lobe RepairEndoscopic Dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR)Excision of Branchial CystExcision of Branchial SinusExcision Of Cervical RibExcision of Cystic HygromaExcision of Parathyroid Adenoma / CarcinomaExcision of Pharyngeal DiverticulumExcision of Pinna For Growth Excision Of The Maxilla /maxillectomyExcision Of Thyroglossal Cyst / FistulaFESS (Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery) For Antrochoanal Polyp ... View All


17925 Rajasthan Medical Council 1998

Language Spoken:

English, Hindi


  • Venous ectasia of retromandibular vein and common facial vein: A rare clinical entity October 2020, Turkish Archives of Otorhinolaryngology
  • Identifying the Facial Nerve in Parotid Surgeries: How We Do It. October 2020, Iranian Journal of Otorhinolaryngology
  • Challenges in management of tracheobronchial foreign bodies with delayed presentation: An institutional experience October 2020, International Archives of Otorhinolaryngology


  • Gold medal for best solution during Workshop on Medical Innovation Technology Workshop at AIIMS Jodhpur
  • Awarded International Visiting Scholarship 2014 by American Academy of Otolaryngologists and Head & Neck Surgery Foundation
  • 1 st prize for poster during ISOCON 2012, 1st Prize by for best presented paper at NEIGERIHMS, Shillong for paper entitled “Management of Otogenic Brain Abscess by Otologist” & 3rd prize for best published paper
  • JUSTICE K.L. BAPNA AWARD at 27th annual conference of AOI Rajasthan branch at Jaipur

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Dr. Amit  Goyal

Dr. Amit Goyal

Senior ENT Surgeon

MBBS, DNB (Ent Surgery), MS (ENT Surgery)
23+ years of experience

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Dr. Amit  Goyal

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