Dr. Rajkumar Harshwal Consultant

Orthopaedic Surgeon

MBBS, MS (Orthopaedics)

14+ years of experience

Doctor Bio

Dr. Rajkumar Harshwal is a renowned and highly trusted personality in the medical fraternity. He is an Orthopedic Surgeon in Jawahar Lal Nehru Marg locality in Jaipur. He owns rich experience over the years. He does his practice at the SMS Hospital, Jaipur. As far as his qualifications are concerned, he has done his MBBS. After that, he pursued MS in Orthopedic.He offers some advance treatments for diseases like Elbow Dislocation, Lateral Epicondylitis (Tennis Elbow), Ankle Dislocation, Forearm Fractures, Pelvic, Fractures, and Shoulder Dislocation, etc. Looking at his ever-increasing popularity, one thing is for sure that he is one of the most trusted doctors in Jaipur. He has numerous successful treatment cases registered in his name and patients are very happy with the kind of hospitality displayed at the hospital.

Diseases Treated:

Acetabular DysplasiaAcetabulum FracturesAcute Compartment SyndromeAneurysmal Bone CystAnkle DislocationAnkle SprainAvascular NecrosisBennett FractureBicipital TendonitisBrachial Plexus InjuryBunionCarpal FracturesCarpal Ligament InstabilityCarpal Tunnel SyndromeChondromaChondrosarcomaClavicle FracturesClubfootCoccyx PainComplex Regional Pain SyndromesDe Quervain TenosynovitisDiaphyseal Tibial FracturesElbow DislocationFloating KneeFoot DropGaleazzi FractureGamekeeper's ThumbHamate FractureHip FractureKnee DislocationKyphosisLow Back PainMeralgia ParestheticaMetacarpal FracturesMonteggia FractureOsteoarthritisOsteomyelitisPoliomyelitisRadius FracturesRotator Cuff Injury ... View All


Bursa ExcisionCarpal Tunnel ReleaseDiagnostic ArthroscopyGanglion ExcisionNail Bed RepairNerve TransferPatellar RealignmentPatellectomy


24399 Rajasthan Medical Council 2006

Language Spoken:

English, Hindi

Affiliated Hospitals

Bone sarcoma clinic (Dr. Rajkumar Harshwal Orthopaedics )

75 Shree Ramnagar,Near Ram chandra namkeen bhandar, 9 to 9 bajaar gali, Bohring choraha, Kalwar Rd, Jhotwara,
Jaipur, Rajasthan, India, 302012

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Dr. Rajkumar  Harshwal

Dr. Rajkumar Harshwal

Orthopaedic Surgeon

MBBS, MS (Orthopaedics)
14+ years of experience

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Dr. Rajkumar  Harshwal

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