Dr. Hariram Maharia Consultant

Interventional Cardiologist

MBBS, MD (Internal Medicine), DM (Cardiology)

16+ years of experience

Doctor Bio

Dr. Hariram Maharia is a renowned and highly trusted personality in the medical fraternity. He is a Cardiologist in the Tilak Nagar, Mansarovar, and Ajmer Road locality in Jaipur. He owns rich experience of over 5 years. He can be contacted at Amritam Heart Care, Tilak Nagar, Jaipur, Indus Hospital, Jaipur, and Barala Hospital, Chomu. As far as his qualifications are concerned, he has done MBBS from RNT Medical College, Udaipur in the year 2005. After that, he pursued MD in Internal Medicine from SMS Medical College, Jaipur in the year 2010, and DM in Cardiology from G B Pant Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education & Research, Delhi in the year 2015.

He offers some advance treatments for diseases like Atrial Fibrillation, Acute Coronary Syndrome, Angina Pectoris, Myocardial Infarction, Heart Failure, and Cardiogenic Shock, etc. Looking at his ever-increasing popularity, one thing is for sure that he is one of the most trusted doctors in Jaipur. He has numerous successful treatment cases registered in his name and patients are very happy with the kind of hospitality displayed at the Hospital.

Diseases Treated:

Accelerated Idioventricular RhythmAcute Coronary SyndromeAcute PericarditisAlcoholic CardiomyopathyAortic RegurgitationAortic StenosisAsystoleAtherosclerosisAtrial FibrillationAtrial FlutterAtrial MyxomaAtrial TachycardiaAtrioventricular BlockAtrioventricular DissociationAtrioventricular Nodal Reentry TachycardiaAtrioventricular Node Reentry Supraventricular TachycardiaBenign Cardiac TumorsBrugada SyndromeCardiac Cirrhosis And Congestive HepatopathyCardiac NeoplasmsCardiac SarcomaCardiac TamponadeCardiogenic ShockConstrictive PericarditisCor PulmonaleCor TriatriatumCoronary Artery FistulaDeep Venous Thrombosis (dvt)Digitalis ToxicityDilated CardiomyopathyEbstein AnomalyEisenmenger SyndromeElectrical AlternansHeart FailureHoliday Heart SyndromeHolt-oram SyndromeHypertensionHypertrophic CardiomyopathyInfective EndocarditisJunctional Ectopic TachycardiaJunctional RhythmLibman-sacks EndocarditisLong Qt SyndromeLutembacher SyndromeMalignant HypertensionMetabolic SyndromeMitral RegurgitationMitral StenosisMitral Valve ProlapseMultifocal Atrial TachycardiaMyocardial InfarctionMyocardial RuptureMyocarditisOstium Primum Atrial Septal DefectsOstium Secundum Atrial Septal DefectsPacemaker SyndromeParoxysmal Supraventricular TachycardiaPatent Foramen OvalePericardial EffusionPeripartum CardiomyopathyPeripheral Vascular DiseasePostpericardiotomy SyndromePremature Ventricular ContractionPulmonary Arterial HypertensionPulmonic RegurgitationPulmonic StenosisRestrictive CardiomyopathyRight Ventricular InfarctionSecond-degree Atrioventricular BlockTorsade De PointesTricuspid AtresiaTricuspid RegurgitationTricuspid StenosisUnstable AnginaVentricular FibrillationVentricular Premature ComplexesVentricular TachycardiaWolff-parkinson-white Syndrome ... View All


Carotid (cerebral) AngiographyCarotid Angioplasty With StentCatheter Directed Thrombolysis For -Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), Mesenteric Thrombosis & Peripheral VesselsCatheterization StudyCoronary AngiographyDiagnostic Electrophysiological Studies (Conventional)Digital Subtraction Angiography- Peripheral ArteryDigital Subtraction Angiography- VenogramEmbolisation -Arteriovenous Malformation( AVM) In The LimbsEndovascular Coarctation DilatationFractional Flow ReserveInferior Vana Cava Filter ImplantationIntracardiac EchoIntravascular UltrasoundLead RepositioningLeadless Pacemaker ImplantationMedical Treatment Of Acute MI (Myocardial Infarction) With Thrombolysis / Stuck Valve ThrombolysisPericardiocentesisPeripheral AngiographyPeripheral Angioplasty With BalloonPeripheral Angioplasty With StentPeripheral EmbolisationPermanent Pacemaker ImplantationPulmonary Artery StentingRadiofrequency Ablation of Heart tissue ( Conventional )Radiofrequency Ablation Of Varicose Veins Lower LimbsRadiofrequency Ablation With 3d MappingRenal Angioplasty With StentRight Heart Study With Right Sided AngiographyRight Ventricular Outflow Tract StentingRotablationSeptostomy- BladeTemporary Pacemaker Implantation (TPI)Thrombolysis For Peripheral Ischemia ... View All


024287 Rajasthan Medical Council 2005

Language Spoken:

English, Hindi

Affiliated Hospitals

Amritam Heart Care

B-39, Prabhu Marg, near A.C. Market, Tilak Nagar,
Jaipur, Rajasthan, India, 302004


  • Cardiological Society of India : Life Member


  • Col K L CHOPRA Award : Best original research in myocardial infarction 2015

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Dr. Hariram  Maharia

Dr. Hariram Maharia

Interventional Cardiologist

MBBS, MD (Internal Medicine), DM (Cardiology)
16+ years of experience

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Dr. Hariram  Maharia

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