Dr. Gaurav Goyal Consultant

Cardio Thoracic Vascular Surgeon

MBBS, MS (General Surgery), MCh (Cardio Thoracic Vascular Surgery)

12+ years of experience

Doctor Bio

Work as Junior Consultant CTVS in Heart and General Hospital, Jaipur from 2015-2019. Now working as independent consultant CTVS in Chirayu Hospital , Jaipur.

Diseases Treated:

Acquired Diaphragmatic HerniasAortic CoarctationAortoiliac Occlusive DiseaseAtrial Septal DefectChest TraumaDeep Venous Thrombosis (dvt)HemothoraxIliofemoral BypassInfrainguinal Occlusive DiseaseInfrapopliteal BypassMediastinal CystsMediastinitisMitral RegurgitationMitral StenosisMitral Valve ProlapsePericardial EffusionPeripheral Arterial Occlusive DiseasePeripheral Vascular InjuriesPneumothoraxPopliteal Artery Occlusive DiseaseThoracic Outlet ObstructionThromboangiitis Obliterans (buerger Disease)Tricuspid RegurgitationTricuspid StenosisVenous Thromboembolism (vte) ... View All


Aortic Valve Replacement (Biological Valve/ Mechanical Valve)Aorto Bi Illiac/bi Femoral/axillo Bi Femoral Bypass With Synthetic GraftAscending Aorta ReplacementAtrial Septal Defect (ASD) Closure (Median Sternotomy)Brachio-radial Bypass With Vein GraftBronchial Repair Surgery For Injuries Due To Foreign Body Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting (CABG) With & Without Cardiopulmonary Bypass MachineEncysted Empyema RemovalExcision Of Carotid Body TumoursExcision Of Cervical RibFemoro Distal/ Femoral- Femoral/Femoral Infra Popliteal Bypass With Synthetic GraftFemoro Distal/ Femoral- Femoral/Femoral Infra Popliteal Bypass With Vein GraftIntercostal Drainage And Management Of ICD (Intercostal Drainage Tube)Lung Cyst removal surgeryLung Injury RepairMitral Valve Replacement (Median Sternotomy) (Biological Valve)/ (Mechanical Valve)Open Pulmonary ValvotomyPatch PlastyPatent Ductus Artriosus (PDA) Surgical Closure PericardiectomyPulmonary ValvotomyRight Ventricular Outflow Tract ResectionSurgery For Cardiac Tomours/ Left Atrial Myxoma/ Right Atrial MyxomaSurgery For Space Occupying Lesion MediastinumSurgical Correction Of Bronchopleural FistulaThromboembolectomyThymectomyTricuspid Valve RepairVascular Repair ... View All


27618 Rajasthan Medical Council 2009

11083 Rajasthan Medical Council 2012

14218 Rajasthan Medical Council 2015

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Dr. Gaurav Goyal

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