This Type Of Workout Is Good For Heart And Great For Diabetes

Stay Fit And Healthy By Exercising Daily

How high intensity exercise is useful for your heart?

High intensity exercise is one of the most practical and inexpensive methods that can help to reduce or reverse the damage to the heart’s function caused by type 2 diabetes. We are aware of the fact that those who are making efforts to shred off excess weight or do not get sufficient time for daily exercise get several benefits from exercise of high intensity. Further, it is also discovered in a new study that workout sessions of high intensity are also helpful in refurbishing the heart function in people suffering from type 2 diabetes.

Benefits of High intensity interval training

It is found that 3 months of HIIT (High-intensity interval training) offered great results in improving the heart’s function in people suffering from type 2 diabetes. More interesting is to know that the results were obtained without any modifications in diet or medications. The study was carried out by Genevieve Wilson with co-advisor Gerry Wilkins under direction of Dr. Chris Baldi. As per Wilson, this is a significant study since it was shown in the previous researches that lifestyle changes and better glycemic control can help diabetes patients to get improved outcomes but no reductions were found in cardiovascular diseases. That’s the reason why cardiovascular disease continued to be the primary reason of casualty in these patients. Further, it was found in the study that high intensity exercise is a practical and inexpensive method for reducing or reversing negative impacts of type 2 diabetes on the heart’s function. HIIT includes short intervals of exercises like stair climbing or sprinting in which maximum efforts are required.  These are separated by breaks of moderate intensity exercise like fast walking or jogging. The goal was to encourage people to spend at least 10 minutes on vigorous activity during a workout session of 25 minutes.

What is required to be done for type 2 diabetes?

As per Dr. Baldi, there is a continuous increase in frequency of type 2 diabetes and worldwide healthcare systems are crippled by extended management of this disease. Exercise serves to be the cornerstone for treatment of diabetes.  For preventing heart disease, the best method is to enhance aerobic capacity with the help of exercise. However, people suffering from diabetes are unable to exercise efficiently since it becomes difficult for them due to weakened function of diabetic heart. It is therefore not certain whether such hard training is possible for them or not. The study has also revealed that programme of high intensity exercise was acceptable and safe for middle aged adults suffering from type 2 Diabetes. Over 3 month’s duration, adherence rate was better than 80%.

Two significant clinical implications of the study:

  1. Compared with the non-diabetic adults, those who were suffering from type 2 diabetes have shown adherence to HIIT with similar improvements in aerobic capacity.
  2. Exercise of high intensity is also able to overturn some changes in heart functions that look like preceding diabetes related heart disease.
“So exercise daily and live longer”.

Dr. Divaanshu Gupta

Dr. Divaanshu Gupta is a cardiac anaesthesiologist in Manipal Hospital, Jaipur. He has done his M.B.B.S. as well as M.D. Anaesthesia from S.M.S. Medical College. He has a vast experience of working in various critical care units of government as well as corporate hospitals.

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