Things That can Revolutionize Patient Experience at Your Hospital

Nowadays, healthcare organizations have started to realize the importance of improving patient experience in a hospital. This ensures many things like an improved patient check-up system, timely medications, proper patient care, etc. Moreover, it leads to positive healthcare experience among patients. Which is more important than anything else out there.

Image depicting improved patient experience in a hospital.

Cultivating a positive experience involves serious positive changes in the hospital systems. To elaborate more, it can include everything from transparency in communication, hiring of the right staff, to transparent pricing. On top of everything, proper & timely execution of decided strategies is crucial.

In this article, you will learn about the best practices that are requisite for any great hospital. Reading on, you will get to know about the core practices required while implementing successful patient experience.


  1. Focus on nursing excellence
  2. Avoid waiting time for doctor consultation
  3. Improve general facilities
  4. Keep clear transparencies in pricing
  5. Improve interdepartmental communication
  6. Communicate with lower staff
  7. Consult properly with patient & family members
  8. Keep an eye on medication supplies
  9. Improve patient education
  10. Conclusion
  11. FAQ’s

You need to understand the importance of patient experience in hospitals. Things listed above are basic & more important for every hospital. You can look over every aspect noted down below. Thereafter, you can bring the right & comprehensive changes in your healthcare organization.

Image depicting the positive patient experience

Focus on nursing excellence

A nurse’s role is crucial in every healthcare centre that you know. A nurse is connected with patients at a more personal level. As senior doctors & consultants may visit the patient once or twice in a week. But the nursing staff is in constant communication with the patient. This underlines the crucial need for highly efficient & empathetic nursing staff for your healthcare.

Traits to remember while hiring nursing staff

An efficient nurse will take care of everything from timely medication & proper caring of a patient. However, an efficient nurse with empathetic traits will connect deeply with a patient. She will understand the concerns & problems the patient has been suffering through.

At times, she might also provide mental support to patients & family members. And no one can explain it better how much mental balance is important in critical situations. So, while you are hiring the nursing staff, look for the people who are excellent in their job as well as of empathetic nature. This will help you improve patient experience in hospitals.

Provide the right training

Besides hiring the best staff, you should never sacrifice the training. Timely training will enhance the skill levels of your staff. Also, it will help you to keep them updated with their knowledge all the time.

So, you can conduct Continue Nursing Education(CNE) program & Continue Medical Education(CME) program on a timely basis. This will assist you in improving knowledge & services of your staff.

Moreover, you should also hold regular classes for junior & senior nurses. Induction programs should also be held in your healthcare premises. To acclimatize your staff to hospital rules & patient care. Nevertheless, you should also educate them with BLS & ACLS training. Which is a mandate to prepare the staff for medical emergencies.

Avoid waiting time for doctor consultation

Waiting time is the spare time spent between the doctor & patient appointment. Every patient is aware that he/she has to wait before meeting the doctor. However, extreme time intervals between this consultation meets can lead to frustrations among patients in your hospitals. This ruins the patient experiences at your healthcare. 

That is why you should always be careful to lessen these waiting durations. You can identify the reasons behind the delays in meets. This will help you formulate effective strategies to improve the positive patient experience.

A few strategies may work better in these scenarios. For instance, you can influence the good experience by setting up television sets. You may also provide informative magazines for patient’s entertainment. It’s been seen that the patient experience has shifted to positive curves on these implementations. 

Improve general facilities

Image of cleanliness at a hospital

Apart from this, you should also focus on improving general facilities at your healthcare organization. General facilities include cleaning, canteen food qualities, lodging, ATM service, parking facilities, etc. Nevertheless, proper sanitation & hygiene is the key to improved patient experience in your hospital.

Patients & family members are generally worried & tensed when they visit your hospital. They are utmost careful while taking care of the patient. So, they expect good canteen food, proper sanitation, & washing at your hospital. Which is also a prime factor for every healthcare organization like yours. So, make sure that you meet their expectations. Also, with proper sanitation, you must ensure the right disposal of food waste, medical waste, & hazardous one. The syringes & medical supplies should be disposed of by you in healthy ways.

Keep clear transparencies in pricing

Many a time, patients are unaware of the billing strategies of healthcare organizations. As a result, they make assumptions that your hospital is expensive or overcharging the patients. Which is not true in every scenario.

To avoid these complications, you should educate every patient regarding the pricing bills. A financial counsellor can be appointed to elaborate your patients about it. This can be about the detailed pricings of rooms, tests, surgeries, etc.

This will develop a sense of trust between you & your patient. Patients will not feel that they are being exploited by doctors & staff. This leads to improved credibility of your organization.

Image of a doctor prescribing medicines to the patient

Improve interdepartmental communication

Many nice things can come out on an effective discussion between your staff. Such brainstorming sessions are always worthy for your organization. So, you can encourage healthy discussions between inter-departmental staff. After all, every department in your hospital is interrelated & interdependent.

Your staff can gain knowledge & information from each other. It can be related to improving their skills & patient experience for the better. Such healthy discussions will also keep your team inspired & productive. More ideas will generate & more cohesive the experience will evolve.

Communicate with lower staff

Once you have encouraged interdepartmental communication, you should not stop here. However, you should take opinions of lower staff like receptionists, cleaning staff, canteen staff, etc as well.

They are at lower levels but still they have better knowledge about the patient experience. These staff may suggest good initiatives that can be implemented in your hospital. Also, you will come to know about the loopholes in your system that can be improved.

So, you should give these staff equal importance while arriving at conclusions. Otherwise, you will not be considering the whole picture. Your approach should be integrated rather than fragmented.

Consult properly with patient & family members

Timely communication between patient & doctors avoids miscommunication at your hospital. As a responsible person, make sure that your staff is communicating efficiently with the patient & his relatives.

Discussing the treatment plans & health condition of the patient is a mandate for your healthcare staff. Also, your staff should keep the patient or the relatives informed about the prognosis of the disease & stay duration. It should be done at regular intervals in your hospital.

Also, before performing surgeries, check whether your healthcare staff is communicating the risks & benefits involved correctly or not. This should be a mandated standard for every healthcare organization including yours. It is crucial in improving patient experience.

Keep an eye on medication supplies

Image of adequate medicines that are essential

Your organization should always have adequate medical supplies on hand. This is necessary to avoid patient dissatisfaction & insecurities. Timely medicinal supply will improve your patient’s health.

Also, it will down the frustration levels among your patients happening due to improper services. Your patients will feel cared & treated well. This will ultimately increase the positive patient experience in your healthcare infrastructures.

Improve patient education

Something extra pleases everyone! So is the case with your patients. You should focus on improving their healthcare conditions for the better. For that matter, you can keep them well-informed regarding their current health. You should also suggest a healthy lifestyle plan. Other than this, you can educate them about the necessary information & tools to improve health.

All these things will improve their satisfaction. And, they will be fulfilled while leaving for the home.


So, these were the best practices that have been followed in every great hospital. Hope that you have gained some fruitful knowledge from here. Apply it in your healthcare organization. You will be able to maximize the patient experience to certain extents for sure.

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Image of doctor & patient consultation


How can we improve a patient’s positive experience ?

You can enrich them with timely medications and proper care . Also, you can take corrective measures to feel better in your hospital .

What are the benefits of improving patient experience ?

It improves the patient’s health . Also , this improves the credibility of your hospital .

How can nurse staff improve a patient’s positive experience ?

A nurse can support patients mentally when they needed . Also , this staff can ensure proper patient medications

How to make your healthcare Organization better ?

You can keep the transparency in pricing , good canteen food qualities ,sanitization & hygiene to improve the experience .

What service can I provide to patient’s family members ?

You can provide them with good food , lodging , parking , ATM service etc .

Dr. Rishab Sharma

Dr. Rishab Sharma MBBS, MD (Internal Medicine) He is associated with Fortis Escorts Hospital, Jaipur. Dr. Rishab has wide experience in managing a variety of diseases, as well as managing critical care units in large government and corporate hospitals.