Losing Weight Can Help Reduce Headaches For Obese Migraine Sufferers

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A new study has found that obese people who are suffering from migraines can reduce their headaches by losing weight.

Dr. Claudio Pagano, the lead author of a study said that if a person is obese and is suffering from migrane headaches, then losing weight can help improve the quality of his social and family life along with his productivity at school or work. It can greatly help in enhancing the overall quality of life of the person.

He added, if the obese children and adults lose weight then it can greatly help in improving migraine headache with improvement in all major features that deteriorate the quality of life of migraineurs.

He further added, with weight loss, the severity of pain and duration of headache attack decreases along with decrease in the number of days/ month with migraine.

For investigating the effects of weight loss accomplished with the help of behavioral intervention or bariatric surgery on severity and frequency of migraine, Pagano along with his colleagues has reviewed the databases of medical research for studies in which factors like headache frequency, pain intensity, attack duration, BMI change and population were considered.

 The inclusion criteria of researchers matched with meta-analysis in 10 studies of 473 patients in which they found the association of weight loss, with noteworthy reductions in pain intensity, headache frequency, attack duration and disability.

Improvement in migraine was not connected with either weight reduction amount or obesity degree.  Along with this, the weight loss achieved with the help of behavioral intervention or bariatric surgery had similar effect on migraine and it was equivalent in children and adults. As per Pagano, the impact of situation linked with obesity is reduced with weight loss. These include hypertension, diabetes, respiratory diseases, stroke and coronary heart disease. In the industrialized countries, the problem of migraine and obesity are common.  These populations will have great impact of improvement in quality of life of these patients. It will also help in decreasing the indirect and direct costs of healthcare. As per the authors of that study, the mechanisms connecting weight loss, obesity and migraine headache are still not clear but they might incorporate variations in adipocytokines, chronic inflammation, obesity co-morbidities and psychological and behavioral and risk factors.

Reasons Of Migrane:

  • Insufficient sleep
  • Tiredness
  • Poor posture
  • Physical overexertion

Dr. Rishab Sharma

Dr. Rishab Sharma MBBS, MD (Internal Medicine) He is associated with Fortis Escorts Hospital, Jaipur. Dr. Rishab has wide experience in managing a variety of diseases, as well as managing critical care units in large government and corporate hospitals.

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