How to Lower Your Blood Pressure Without Medication

If you are a victim of high blood pressure, you would be worried about taking supplements and medication in order to bring the gauge reading down. Lifestyle plays a pivotal role in high blood pressure management. You can successfully control your high blood pressure symptoms by leading a healthy lifestyle in order to avoid or reduce the need for medication.

Learn how to lower blood pressure naturally. Here are some natural tips to help you lower down those numbers.

  • Lose the Extra Pounds and Watch your Waistline
    Blood pressure tends to increase as the weight increases. Being overweight can be the cause of disrupted breathing that can further elevate your blood pressure. Weight loss is one of the most effective lifestyle changes in order to control blood pressure. Losing even a small amount of weight can help you reduce your blood pressure levels.
  • Exercise Regularly
    Whether you notice high blood pressure symptoms or not, one should exercise regularly. However, for a high blood pressure patient, it is advised to take up a regular physical activity for at least 30 minutes a day. This might include rigorous walking, jogging, yoga, or aerobics. Regular physical activity makes your heart stronger. More blood can be pumped by a stronger heart with less effort. If your heart works less to pump, the force on your arteries decreases, resulting in lower blood pressure levels.
  • Eat a Healthy Diet
    Consuming healthy foods like whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and low-fat dairy products, can lower your blood pressure. It is not easy to change your eating habits in a day, however, it is imperative to take note of the calorie intake if you are a patient of high blood pressure. Maintain a food diary, consider boosting potassium in your diet, read food labels when you shop, and stick to your healthy eating plan whilst dining out too.
  • Reduce Sodium in your Diet
    Reducing sodium content in your diet is a very healthy and natural high blood pressure treatment. Even the smallest cut down in sodium helps improve your heart health and reduces high blood pressure symptoms. Start by eating fewer processed foods, and avoid adding unnecessary salt in your fruits and salads. If you don't feel like reducing it drastically, ease into the process and cut back gradually. Give your palate time to adjust.
  • Limit the Amount of Alcohol you Consume
    Alcohol can be good for your health if consumed wisely and can be extremely harmful if consumed carelessly. Consuming a moderate amount of alcohol can potentially lower your blood pressure. However, excessive drinking can raise the numbers by several points. It also lower downs the effects of your blood pressure medication. So, it is advised to avoid alcohol whilst on medication.

Keep your Blood Pressure in Check and Visit your Doctor as Required.

Monitoring your blood pressure at home, making certain lifestyle changes, and regular visits to your doctor can help you reduce health complications. If your blood pressure is in-check, consult your doctor about how often you need to measure it at home. Your doctor may suggest checking it daily or twice a week, depending upon the individual case. He/she may change your medication if necessary or even suggest some lifestyle changes you should adhere to. Keep your blood pressure in check by following these natural high blood pressure treatments and stay healthy and happy.

Dr. Divaanshu Gupta

Dr. Divaanshu Gupta is a cardiac anaesthesiologist in Manipal Hospital, Jaipur. He has done his M.B.B.S. as well as M.D. Anaesthesia from S.M.S. Medical College. He has a vast experience of working in various critical care units of government as well as corporate hospitals.

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