5 Precautions You Must Take Before a Lab Test

If you have ever suffered from any health irregularities or had symptoms of a disease, the doctor had suggested you go through a few lab tests for diagnosis. The doctors perform these tests to find the possibility of any disease and analyze your health conditions. They also ask you to take some precautions before lab...Continue Reading

Diabetic Retinopathy | How to prevent diabetic eye disease

Are you suffering from diabetes? Do you feel that your vision is blurred or abnormal at times? If yes, then keep reading this article on diabetic retinopathy. It is a condition that is caused by damage to the blood vessels that are present at the back of your retina.  Have you ever experienced dark or...Continue Reading

Fatty Liver Disease | Stay Cautious before it turns fatal

Fatty liver disease, as the name suggests, this disease is associated with your liver. Though it is very common among western regions, still it is a matter of concern for you. The reason being, if it develops complications, then it can be life-threatening. In the earlier stages, you may not develop severe symptoms. Mere fatigue...Continue Reading

Pneumonia- Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

An illness that inflames the air sacs of one or both lungs is pneumonia. Fluid or pus (purulent material) can fill the air sacs, leading to coughing with phlegm or pus, fever, chills, and trouble breathing. Pneumonia may be caused by several species, including bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Pneumonia can vary in severity from mild...Continue Reading

Jaundice | Symptoms, Causes and Cure of Jaundice

Jaundice is a yellowing of the skin and eye whites that occurs when bilirubin isn’t absorbed properly by the body. That may be because of a liver condition. It is often named as icterus. Bilirubin is a yellow-colored waste material that remains in the bloodstream after the degradation of hemoglobin. Jaundice in adults is usually...Continue Reading

Typhoid Fever | Symptoms, Causes & Prevention of Typhoid Fever

Typhoid fever or typhoid is a bacterial infection disease caused by Salmonella typhi bacteria. It is caused by the ingestion of contaminated food or water. However, it is uncommon in developed countries, especially for children, but it remains a serious health problem in developing countries. The symptoms of typhoid fever can range from mild to...Continue Reading

Kidney Stone | Causes & Symptoms of Kidney Stone

The kidney is a two-bean shaped organ in a human body. Its basic function is to remove the waste fluid out from the blood of the body through urine. But when this waste is in too much amount and at the same time urine may lack substances that prevents the waste crystals from sticking together,...Continue Reading

High Blood Pressure | Causes and Treatment of High BP

Out of 50, almost 30% of the families have patients of blood pressure (low and high) both. Through this blog, we will highlight what actually high blood pressure means? What are the causes and symptoms of high blood pressure and what are the treatments for high blood pressure? High blood pressure is also called as...Continue Reading

Corona Virus and Elderly: How Much Is the Risk Involved and Steps to Take Care of Your Parents, Elders

Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a type of infection in the viruses family that was reported in 2019. COVID-19 was first discovered in Wuhan, China, but has now spread in all continents in the world. The World Health Organization has referred to it as a global pandemic. Just like any other infection, some people are at higher...Continue Reading

How Yoga can help in fighting coronavirus?

The coronavirus outbreak has left scores of people anxious and in fear of infection. Updates on social media and the news do not make it easy as they continue to inform people about new infections every day. Scientists and researchers, on the other hand, are making frantic efforts to invent vaccines and antivirals for this...Continue Reading