How Yoga can help in fighting coronavirus?

The coronavirus outbreak has left scores of people anxious and in fear of infection. Updates on social media and the news do not make it easy as they continue to inform people about new infections every day. Scientists and researchers, on the other hand, are making frantic efforts to invent vaccines and antivirals for this...Continue Reading

This Type Of Workout Is Good For Heart And Great For Diabetes

Stay Fit And Healthy By Exercising Daily How high intensity exercise is useful for your heart? High intensity exercise is one of the most practical and inexpensive methods that can help to reduce or reverse the damage to the heart’s function caused by type 2 diabetes. We are aware of the fact that those who...Continue Reading

Losing Weight Can Help Reduce Headaches For Obese Migraine Sufferers

Keep your health first. A new study has found that obese people who are suffering from migraines can reduce their headaches by losing weight. Dr. Claudio Pagano, the lead author of a study said that if a person is obese and is suffering from migrane headaches, then losing weight can help improve the quality of...Continue Reading