Boman Irani Placed in Wheelchair Due To Back Pain, Here’s How He Stood on His Feet Again

After unbearable pain in lower back, the unconquerable Boman Irani had to end up on wheelchair. For almost a year, this actor was not working. When all the available balms and painkillers were not able to help him, Boman Irani consulted a series of doctors. It was revealed in an MRI that he was having a herniated disc at L4-L5 (lumbar segment 4 and 5). It was also resulting in pain that was spreading down his right leg. Boman dryly recalled that even sleeping and sitting had become hard and he was suggested for surgery.

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But the film and theater actor was not prepared for doing this. Boman Irani said “3 years ago, my son Danish had back pain surgery and his pain arrived again. We have tried physiotherapy but the stubborn pain kept arriving back. Then we were suggested for second surgery that worried me. Life of Danish had approached to a standstill. And I was myself suffering from discomfort that had become intense; I was unable to perform routine activities.”

He further said that he was depressed and started thinking seriously that the only option for himself and Danish was surgery. He then got suggestion from a senior orthopedic surgeon that they do DSA (Digital Spine Analysis) at a good Spine Clinic. The next day only, Danish and Boman went there filled with hope. Boman added, there I was put through a Spine Function Test by a young doctor. It was carried out on some wonderful machines and lasted 40 minutes. The result of test was even more wonderful. It revealed that I was suffering from weak spine problem. But the doctor was extremely confident that the Spine Clinic would help me recover from my back pain in 3 months.

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I was in pain for 6 months and got a very bad feeling for MRIs, X-rays and lot many tests. However, now my mindset is completely changed. Boman added, he is feeling the results instantly. The procedure is really wonderful and helped me back to my sets within a month. Same is the case with Danish. Now he doesn’t need second surgery.


It can be concluded that, you should not try to live with the pain. Instead, you must look for the right treatment options as that way, you will be able to get results beyond your expectations.

Dr. Divaanshu Gupta

Dr. Divaanshu Gupta is a cardiac anaesthesiologist in Manipal Hospital, Jaipur. He has done his M.B.B.S. as well as M.D. Anaesthesia from S.M.S. Medical College. He has a vast experience of working in various critical care units of government as well as corporate hospitals.

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