The idea to establish this one stop platform came in the mind of the founders when they felt that there are certain lacunae in the health care system of our country which has resulted in to catastrophic results and sometimes life threatening. Surfing hospitals , doctors, labs , to get the best the quality care in best rates make a already diseased patient more fatigued, we tried to solve this problem in a click away

The need of the hour is to establish such a platform where people will get all the information regarding their health issues whether it could be details of the hospital ( facilities / cost / empanelments/ insurances / location/ timings/ quality healthcare data/public reviews) ,or the doctor or the labs ,details of the any procedure ,its cost , quality of the hospital.

More over now there is need of the hour the people should know about their health rights (educating the people) ,they should know or atleast should have an idea of the questions that they should ask about their disease ,procedure ,healthcare quality indicators , accreditions from quality regulating bodies about their concerned hospital and concerned doctors

Our mission is to help and strengthen the people in taking informed decisions about their health.

To bring the best hospitals, doctor, and labs on a platform where they can showcase their talents, their exceptional facilities and the high quality of care they are providing.

And this whole information will be available 24X 7 even to a person sitting in a distant village. Becoz emergencies can happen at any place, at any time.

We offer a fast online access to every aspect of information

ThyDoc is a single stop patient-centric platform where every information related to treatment, quality, cost and services about the best hospitals and doctors of India in available. Now a patient sitting in a distant village has 24X7 access to all health sources and plan his hospital and doctor accordingly.

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